Cost Effective | Compact & Reliable Automatic Loading of Empty Containers into Boxes with Liner consumption 1-7cfm


  • Compact unit, requires minimal floor space.
  • Consistently reliable and repeatable operation.
  • Fully automatic control and monitoring functions with machine status indicators.
  • Handles any container size and most shapes with quick & simple product change-over.
  • Easily adjustable to handle a range of box sizes using box-specific vacuum heads.
  • Labor saving – minimal operator involvement to remove / position boxes.
  • Optional support frame configurations including bi-directional infeed conveyor, height adjustment and mobility features to accommodate different production line layouts.
  • Layer separation-sheet applicator option available
  • Easily integrated with existing down-stream testing and conveyor lines, with optional CAS on-line leak & vision testers.
  • Compatible with CAS take-out ‘robots’ to place containers onto the feed conveyor.
  • All CAS equipment is covered by copyright design