Single or Multi-head Units | Touchscreen Interface & Data Display | Simple | Reliable | Cost Effective

Electrical: 1-PH. 100V OR 240V 50/60HZ
Air: 4-10 bar clean, dry air at 60psi (min), consumption 1-7cfm


  • Auto self-learn software with expansion capacity for multiple test heads.
  • Touch screen interface & data display with selectable “maintenance” & “production” modes
  • Operator-friendly, simple adjustment for product change over
  • Reliable & consistent hole detection
  • Selectable stopper/gating cylinders in index mode
  • Leak detection qualification unit fitted as standard
  • Low maintenance, long ‘lifex’ components
  • Queue-back protection blow-off
  • Selectable good or bad bottle rejection facility
  • Free-standing, height adjustable support with attachment clamps to fit any conveyor or CAS downstream packing systems
  • Optional integrated conveyor
  • All CAS equipment is covered by copyright design