Reduces Static | Less Sticking | Reduces Scuffing and Clinging

Benefits & Features

  • Reduces static charge from 1000 plus volts to almost 0 volts in bottle
  • Minimizes foreign dust attraction to wall of container
  • Lubri/Stat® is designed to enhance bottle handling due to improved bottle lubricity and elimination of “static” attractions with other bottles and conveyor/equipment on the packaging line
  • Bottles are less prone to “sticking” together or shingling
  • Enhanced bulk palletizing pattern formation without empty bottle pockets being created on mass flow accumulation
  • Single filing of bottles from mass flow dramatically improved
  • Unscrambling of bottles on filling line etc. enhanced by lubricity
  • Tumble bulk packing enhanced as containers more easily fill box due to added surface lubricity
  • Dramatically reduces exterior bottle wall scuffing by 8x plus versus non coated bottles
  • Store shelf appeal improved due to minimized exterior bottle wall scuffing
  • Dust less prone to clinging onto outer wall due to time or due to shelf/corrugated dust, etc.
  • Dry product (i.e. powders) is less prone to clinging to inside wall of bottle with Lubri/Stat®
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  • Lubri/Stat® is a registered trademark of JCL Specialty Products, Inc.