Cost-effective and simple automatic tray packing of round, square, oval, and irregular size shaped containers.

Benefits & Features

  • Minimal operator involvement (approx. 20 seconds per tray load) to place tray, press reset button and remove loaded tray.
  • Fully automatic control and monitoring functions with ‘tray full’ warning strobe and machine status-indicator lights.
  • Handles any container size/most shapes, packing uniform or staggered row configurations up to 3500 containers per hour.
  • Simple change parts and panel-mounted counter setting for product change over.
  • Interlocked, sliding access doors ensure product cleanliness and operator safety without degrading unit effectiveness.
  • Machine accumulation capacity up to two tray loads, can be easily transferred in one operation.
  • Compact, automatic transfer of containers from marshalling area onto the tray.
  • Container transfer onto the in feed conveyor from either side, with optional CAS on-line leak & vision testers.
  • Low consumption supply requirements:1-phase 230/110vac 50/60hz 0.5kw 0.5 CFM 80psi (5.5 bar).
  • Unit constructed to suit any tray size / orientation.
  • Optional support frame configurations including bi-directional in feed conveyor, height adjustment and mobility features to accommodate different production line layouts, plus layer inversion facility.
  • All CAS equipment is covered by copyright design.